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Archie speaking…

When I built Neuro Laboratories, I wanted to pair our cutting edge nootropic products, with my good old fashioned business principles.

Here’s 5 reasons I would be my company’s loyal client… 

1) I originally built Nitrovit for Me 
I designed Nitrovit for my own attention, focus, and memory issues. I didn’t cut corners, or make a single compromise on when I created the formula. If it’s good enough for me I think you’ll love it too.

2) This website is 100% Hyperbole Free!
Relax knowing we never make outrageous claims. The info on this website is 100% BS free and every single claim we make has a link to the scientific data to prove it.

3) Nobody matches our Testimonials page 
Our site only features REAL testimonials from GENUINE clients who have allowed us to use their REAL names and locations as validation of their love for Nitrovit, our service standards, and what we do. Thanks to all my clients for choosing us.

4) We’ve grown by word of mouth… 
We’ve grown through tireless hard work, service, and by the effectiveness of Nitrovit. Our satisfied clients have become our marketing team.

5) My 1 Year Guarantee speaks volumes 
I am so confident in my products, and the team I have assembled to help me better the results, I now offer a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee on any purchase. Full terms and conditions here >

What’s more, if you want to reach me regarding nootropics in general, a Nitro product and getting the best results, or any other matter including what you think we could do better, I am always here at

I ALWAYS answer every email personally.

I hope my products serve you well, and if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied then please simply drop me a quick email and I’ll have your refund issued within 24 hours – no questions asked. I can’t be fairer than that.

Best regards,
Archie Marks.

President and Founder