1 Year Money Back Guarantee


Please note: Your NITROvit experience will be more enhanced the longer you take the supplement, as some of NITROvit’s ingredients have a half-life of over 24 hours (how long they stay in the body). Stay on the course for 30 days and then assess your progress – in most cases a greater awareness and mental alertness should be experienced by days 14 – 21. We recommend using an “indicator” such as Lumosity Brain Training or Dual N-back to accurately monitor improvements to memory, attention and concentration levels. For more details on what to expect, and how to know if NITROvit is working please see your free Supplement Manual… You can download it here. †


About your refund: Refunds do not include any initial shipping costs, nor the return shipping costs, and a $3 handling charge will be deducted from your refund total to cover the initial fulfilment costs and any fees charged by the merchant service provider. Refunds are given per returned bottle/s (open or unopened) only. We ask you return the bottles you wish a refund for to help us with our green recycling efforts, and also to show you have read this guarantee fully, along with the manual as proof of having done all you could to get the best results. †


Purchased – $58.97 Student Pack + $4.97 shipping. Refund given for the returned bottle: $52.97
Purchased – $119.97 Q1 Pack (free shipping). Refund given for 2 (of 3) returned bottles: $76.98


To receive a refund please follow these simple steps:


1. Send email notification to customerservice@nitrovit.com with a brief explanation as to why you wish to return your order (we ask you return all bottles to us – opened and/or unopened to qualify for a refund). While we maintain a ‘no questions asked’ policy, we do appreciate direct feedback so that we may better our products and service standards. You will receive an email PRA (Product Return Authorization) within 24 hours. This PRA will notify you of the nearest location to send your returned bottle/s.


2. Please clearly display your original Order Number on the outside of the package to be returned.


3. Please return any bottles via a shipping method with an online tracking number as we can hold no responsibility for lost packages – and within 12 months from date of purchase. Note: Unfortunately, Neuro Laboratories does not accept returns after 12 months.


4. Please reply directly to the PRA email (without changing the subject line) with your return tracking number.


5. The refund process may take up to 5 days to complete, and a further 5 days until you receive cleared funds. You will be refunded for the value amount of the returned bottles minus any initial shipping charge and a $3 handling charge to cover fulfilment costs and any fees charged by the merchant service provider for the initial transaction.


6. We appreciate receiving any unopened bottles (with intact seals) in line with the time you’ve had your order and the recommended serving size.


If you require a refund on 3 bottles two weeks after purchasing, we would expect to receive back 1 or 2 opened bottles and 1 or 2 unopened bottles. Not 3 empty bottles. Our refund policy is designed to help those whose expectations were not met, return as close to the financial position they were in before their order, as possible. It is not designed to be abused and we would expect our clients to follow a reasonable moral code when exercising their right to refund. Thank you.


Nootropics like NITROvit are no ‘quick fix’, as the effects may take a while to build up in your body. Please continue taking NITROvit for a minimum of thirty days before assessing your results. You have a year to claim your refund so please take your time and continue to use NITROvit for at least 30 days. Best results seen when combined with daily exercise/movement, plentiful quality rest, and a proper balanced diet providing healthy nutrients and vitamins. †


If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ’s section which may help you with your inquiry. If you would like to talk with someone please email customerservice@nitrovit.com. Our friendly service team endeavor to answer all emails within a reasonable time frame.